Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Thaipusam Celebration - be the difference!

Don't park on MRR2 and areas around like it's your home. Usually only the emergency lanes can be used to park, with police permission. If you double or triple park, and they tow away your vehicle, don't create issue. Don't say once a year also cannot ah? You do every week what ... this is dumb. Imagine your mum is being transported to hospital in an ambulance and she dies because the traffic is blocked by other's cars, parked like idiot.

USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT! KTM Komuter / Bus. If you insist to drive, don't post on FB how expensive the parking places charging, manned by thugs. You chose to drive, you pay.

Its a chariot procession, carrying our Lord Murugan, don't think we own the whole city and can do anything. Keep your 'Naanum Rowdytaan' or 'Jagat' attitude at home. I do wish the police will use rubber bullets on these baboons.

Dress properly, this is a religious festival, not some parade to pick cheap models.

Throw rubbish INSIDE the bins. Throw rubbish INSIDE the bins. Throw rubbish INSIDE the bins. If you do 'puja' and carry kavadis from the riverside (aatangakarai), FOR GOD SAKE, clean up before you go! Tell your friends and relatives to clean up, since it will be difficult for you to do in 'trance', kan?

Thaipusam is on the day of Poosa nakshatiram on Thai month, if you carrying kavadi for Murugan, do it on that day. If you wish to carry at your convenient time, don't vow for Thaipusam, make vow for Chinese New Year or Labour day. You don't see Muslims go for Hajj during non-Hajj period, don't you?

If you are taking 'paal kudam' or 'kavadis', you don't have to dress like the God or Goddess, nobody believes your makeup makes you Godly. This is not a fancy dress competition. The more gory you look, the more people will think you are actually representing demons. Keep the kumkum on the forehead, not smear on face and make kids scared.

Your kavadi should be benchmarked on Idumban's ORIGINAL kavadi. Period

Alcohol, non-devotional music, funny 'alangaram', non-vegetarian food and other prohibited things are NOT allowed. Don't argue.

The whole world will be watching, don't make them think we don't respect our own religious festival.

Do you see Thaipusam-like aarpattams during Maal Hijrah? Easter? Nine Goddess Festival? Then why this kolaveri? Be the difference, show the example.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

My wish list for Hindu places of worship

Indian lawmakers should formalize the federal level Hindu Endowment Board (HEB) with supervisory powers on all Hindu places of worship. Appoint capable persons at federal and state level HEBs to manage all Hindu places of worship. No exclusion.

Centralize all approval for new places of worship through HEB to ensure strict adherence to religion requirements. Approval must be sought from relevant local authorities for any new construction or renovation. Land MUST be owned by the places of worship, with proper documentation and title. If land ownership is uncertain, construction should NOT be allowed.

Management committee of ALL places of worship MUST be registered with Registrar of Societies (ROS) and adhere to ROS guidelines on registration, accounts and other matters.

To avoid abandoned construction projects, construction of new or reconstruction of existing places of worship can ONLY begin after proof of sufficient funds are guaranteed by temple management committee. Committee must remain in office throughout construction period.

Mandatory periodic audit must be conducted for:
a) all accounts
b) conduct of worship according to religious requirement
c) community activities

12 months registration period for ALL unregistered places oF worship to legalize place, land, committee and all related issues. After 12 months, no illegal places of worship should remain operating.

Sekian, saya yang mencadangkan.
Sashi Kumar