Thursday, December 13, 2012

Child abuser extraordinaire - he needs 'treatment'

I'm writing this piece with simmering anger. If only I can get hold of the culprit, and step on his genitals ...

Probably you may have already seen the sickening video of an adult bastard abusing a small kid, which went viral on the social media.

The 'brave' potteh hero have been caught and remanded. While in custody, I wish he meets some burly character who will abuse him in any possible ways. He is now facing potential jail term and fine, I hope he gets both.

While there are couples who yearns of having kids of their on for many years, here we see a kid who's born to a couple where the father left while his mother is carrying him, and she eventually became the '2nd wife' (I don't know how the F its possible) to this hero. In the video he goes on to abuse the kid physically while being filmed by hie 1st wife, is she even human?

The video is 2 months old, in that time the kid could have been killed and buried by this bastard anywhere. So friends, if at all you come across suspected child, wife or husband abuse, lend your hand by at least sending a SMS to the police. You may save someone's life. Don't ignore these cases ... a life lost, will never return. Thanks.

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