Friday, August 30, 2013

Sudu sumbat, kaingeh mampat - Don't drink & dream on streets

Kudi, kudiyai kedukkum - that's a phrase that we are all familiar. While consuming alcohol is a personal choice/matter, the result after excessive drinking session can sometime create public nuisance. Many times, while walking along the city corridors, we come across people from our community sleeping on the walkway, usually after heavy drinking sessions.

Its shameful to see people from all walks of life showing their disgust at our community, when these sort of drunkards found lying in the middle of the corridor, even in daytime. No one seems to be bothered, in fact we all think, why we should be bothered anyway.

Probably, the next time we see any of them slumbering under the sweltering sun on walkways, we should get ice cold water in a plastic bag and smash it on their face, walk away before he sees you ;)

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