Monday, April 30, 2012

My first ever blog post - Tour of India 2011

Greetings friends,

Finally after much consideration and requests, I've begun to blog. I know, I know (ala the late Raguvaran) it took too long for me to be infected by blogging bug, but I've been always writing about thing all over the place, except in blogs. So here goes a new beginning. For that, I start with a religious note ;)

I've known some of my best buddies for more than 27 years, in that small group of notoriously hap-pening (albeit behind closed doors), Kevin, Ramesh, JB, Siva, Dev, Boy (engireh) Suresh play an important part in my life. If I'm not wrong some 15 year ago when Dev 'invoked' the Kaumaram - Murugan worship among us, we had this grand plan of visiting all 6 of the most sacred temples dedicated for Lord Murugan in India. Along the way we got busy with life, wife and sometime knife (I cook OK), the plan faded but remained in the archive for looooong time. Along came Boy who also incidentally inclined towards the Lord, keeping our hope for this elusive tour to happen.

Suddenly, the grand plan hatched long ago became a reality in 2011, without much trouble. we took 6 months of intense planning, communicating with relative in India and scheduling the 'over ambitious' tour, to complete over 2500km tour in 1 week!

So for the rest of blog, I'll let the pictures to paint thousands of words here ...

3am Sentral KL, Boy & Ramesh (please note the ultra-high-tech luggage tag for Boy)

2 Over excited buddies

And there we are, leaving on a jet plane

Yes, Ramesh is holding his breath

 1st look above Chennai

 Kovaiyil Kutthattam!

 Director & still cameraman

 6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 1st - PALANI

Mudi kanikkai

en route to 'sumarana' public bath, fail!

Vel murugan Vetri vel murugan!

Our dream of taking kavadi in Palani finally becomes reality

Golden chariot getting ready ... even looking at it makes you feel blessed.

The magnificent Madurai  Meenakshi temple

 Grand structures in Madurai temple

  6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 2nd - Tiruparakundram

  6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 3rd - Pazhamuthircholai
 Azhagar temple

  6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 4th Tiruchendoor

 6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 4th Tiruchendoor

Pillayar Patti Karpaga Vinayagar temple

Kunnakudi Murugan Temple

Tanjavoor (Tanjore) Sivan temple

6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 5th Swamimalai

6 padai veedu / 6 sacred temple : 6th Tirutanigai

 The gang that pulled of an incredible journey of more than 2500km in 3 days!! 

The moment we finished the temple tour, its was an unbelievable feeling of intense connection with the Lord. We couldn't have done it without His blessing and protection. For all the naysayers who told us its impossible to complete the journey in 1 tour, we have proved that, its possible if He wants you to! Vetri vel muruganuku .. Arogara!

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