Monday, April 30, 2012

One of the best (ori) nasi kandar .. ever

Some will swear that nasi kandar beratur is the best, others argue kassim mustafa / hameeds / kapitan is the world ruler, and you might have heard about many nasi kandar outlets claiming to serve you the most authentic, aromatic, automatic, romantic nasi kandar in the whole world. 

But have you had the real deal, at least with the (real) kandar thing thrown in? At Restoran Tai Min (opposite Jelutong Police Station), lies a small stall (without signboard). That is the famous nasi kandar ameer (some mention hamek). The shop opens from 6AM till 10.30AM or till they run out of dishes. Queue can bee seen along the corridor of the shop. You come late, you go back, you come tomorrow.

Firstly, kandar (a piece of wood) got nothing to do with the food they serve, except for logistic purposes. A flat piece of strong wood is used to carry rattan baskets that contains rice and curry items over shoulders of the peddlers in those days. The tradition has long vanished after motored vehicles came into picture, but this outlet still transports their 'goods' using the kandar seen below.

In early mornings, you can witness this tradition alive at Ameer's.Keep in mind that, this is not some gimmick, like you see some shops in KL keeping the rice pots in the BASKETS of the kandar and claim that's the real deal.

He's the man!! 3rd generation nasi kandar peddler, he's using a coconut shell to scoop the steaming rice. Their order taking is very interesting, where they use codes for food items and (instant) nicknames for customers. E.g a person with spiked hair will be called 'porcupine', a fat person will be called 'barrel' all in Tamil-lah :)

The food variety they serve is simple, limited and moves faster than the fastfood counter. This photo is taken between 8-9 am and the fried chicken is finished!!

Top: Sujen's prawn curry, you will see what happened to him later.
Middle & bottom: Boy & I took fried fish with mixed curry.

Their nasi kandar is always 'banjir' version, unless you want dry. The rice is fluffy, not soggy, aromatic and soaks up all the curry well. The curry, you have to taste it to know its heavenly.

And how can we resist a good cup of hot coffee for breakfast after whacking a whole plate of nasi kandar??
We found out that it has some dramatic effects on the patrons. No they are not having fits, yet.

Co-owner had a chat with us, he claimed that making nasi kandar (good one that is), is not rocket science. Its not just about the spices, the ingredients or the recipe, he said its about the laborious 12 hours making & waiting for the curry to complete that makes Ameer's curry exceptionally crazy! Its not some spicy, salty thing that they serve you and claims that's curry. They have flavorful and real taste that lingers in your palate for some time.

So if you're in Penang and you want to give yourself a good, authentic nasi kandar meal for BREAKFAST, head to Ameer @ Jelutong. You won't be disappointed. Burrrrrpppppppppp!


  1. Have you tried the nasi ganja in Ipoh? I stayed here for 5 years and just tried it 1 month ago. Such a long line everyday. To me, emm, it's overated....

  2. yes, just like beratur penang, nothing to shout about, queue is long just because only 1 server (told by a penangite)