Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kidnapping - are we supposed to be MORE worried?

By now you might have already heard the good news, the boy Nayati who was kidnapped near his school have been returned to his family, after a large amount of ransom is paid to the kidnappers.

If you remember, just in March 2012, our beloved & respected IGP has declared Kidndapping is not rampant, public safety intact. Rampant or isolated, aren't kidnapping is a major offense which can be punished by death under our penal code? Why there are still kidnappers roaming our street? Although Pemandu claims Malaysia is safer now, are we genuinely feeling safer?

We have savage killers who dumped a kids body after she was brutally assaulted and murdered after kidnapping her (Nurin). This case sparked major interest among the Malaysians, but the perpetrators are yet to be found, for years! With the recent kidnapping and killing of another poor kid kidnapped, murdered and burnt, it makes me wonder if the killers are not afraid of the law? For them to have an idea to kidnap and get rewarded with handsome ransom, makes me wonder if they think they won't be caught by the police at all? Are we losing confidence on the force or are the criminals staying a step ahead of police? 

Whatever KRA that have been achieved, police should not lift the feet of the pedal to continue seek ways to completely eliminate kidnapping cases in Malaysia. Help make Malaysia, truly safer.

Thanks to all the effort from everybody to secure the release of Nayati, hopefully there will be never another case.


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  1. Im very sure Malaysia is not safer as our Govt claims. Nowadays we are very afraid to send out kids to shop themselves. In what factor are these bozo's claiming malaysia is safer