Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's help OUR Tamil schools, 1 at a time!

.. you might have already heard or read about this Tamil school, producing high achievers in UPSR exams. The school is in dire need of better facilities. I started this page to find ways to assit the school without any political inclination and personal gains. Please join in and suggest ways for us to save 1 Tamil school at a time ... united we stand!

In a sorry state: The condition of SJK(T) Subramaniya Barathee in Glugor has been deteriorating for the past 20 years.

I've started an FB page dedicated for sharing information and a platform for us to contribute ideas and resources to assist any Tamil schools that may need our help, big or small. Visit

I plan to visit the school end of this month to have a 1st hand look at the state. It doesn't matter how little we are going to do for the school, but that little thing should start a bigger wave of self-help for the community! I'm not anti government or pro opposition, I'm just a plain man wishing to help my community's school. If you think you can help, in any way, drop a comment or suggestion here. Ondru pattal inggu vaalvu!


  1. I respect the Human inside you.

    Oru Tamilan RM1, kudutha oru nalaiku = RM1.
    Oru Million RM1, oru matham kudutha? = RM?
    Ayoo yeppadi irukum nam pallikudam
    Ninaithu pakka mudiyileh !!!!
    (Ondru pattal inggu vaalvu)

    Makkal Nesan