Thursday, July 26, 2012

வளர்ந்து வரும் சாராய சமூகம் - valarnthu varum saaraaya samugam

Have not been able to write for last few weeks, due to hectic schedule.

Lately, suddenly, particularly in KL, I'm seeing many small liquor shops opening near our neighborhoods. A quick look shows, in 1 kilometer radius from where I live now, there are at least 5 of them popped up over less than 4 months.

Predominantly these outlets are frequented and patronized by mostly youths in their early twenties. Some will say, nothing wrong in that, as its their choice to drink whatever and be however they want. Right?

 (illustration image)

Hmmm true, but ... what if youth below legal age of drinking have easy access to cheap liquor just around the corner of their house or school? How to be sure the alcohol sold here are only sold to adults over 18 years. Even then, what if the kids are influenced by adults sitting around the shop and drinking in broad daylight?

  (illustration image)

Remember The Star Probe in 2010 revealed a school in Rawang with gangsterism and alcohol abuse problem? You can read about that here & here. See the pics below, it might refresh your memory (inset pic 6) :

Not enough with that, almost every Tamil released these days has a drinking and bar scene shown as highlight. Such as SMS, Aadukalam, BeB, Mayakam Enna etc.

There are also large amount of fake booze in the market, which may inadvertently end up in these neighborhood liquor shops for a cheap price, easily bought by our people.

Drinking alcoholic beverages is one's own choice, some may say rights (I do). Liquor shops which are operating are licensed and they are in for the business profits. But easily accessible fake, cheap alcohol to younger generation will eventually erode some moral values among your youths. 

Eppadi irunthalum, tervuh unggel kaiyil ... Just my 2 cents.


  1. kurenjeh velei nirenjeh sooru iruntha pothum neekum makkals,doesnt care bout quality & health-care..tads y thaisong,club99 etc selling taukeh's so rich ! market demand ;P

  2. I've written a lot on the issue. Each time I become the target to get bombard. Yet once I've come out with a suggestion on what we can do with the money but as usual no one have a say on good deed..