Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hindu deity images shouldn't end up as rubbish

We have seen many times, images of Hindu deities used (or misused) for commercial purposes. We jump, protest and scream when those images end up on shoes, bikinis, hand bags like this :

But why we don't say anything about wedding cards, prayer items, calendars and many other things that uses the same deity images, and ultimately ends in a garbage bin? Throwing away our deities pictures cannot be avoided, because there are tonnes of products use the images as the packaging.

Although we can't stop the years of acceptance of producers using Hindu deity images, we can start small by to avoiding having deity images on greetings cards or invitation card. Show respect to the Hindu images.


  1. Can't blame 'em. It's all about making money. Even Temples are basically mostly used for money generation. There is little point of religion anymore other than marketing & profiteering in my opinion.
    It's not only in Hinduism but also in ALL the other religions as well.

    The day you can BUY an image/statue of a deity/"God" from a shop, is the day religion was denigrated to nothing more than a money making exercise. What's the point..? All you need to do is to go to a "Thaipusam" (for us) festival (and it has become a carnival in all senses), head up to the Temple in the Batu Caves and just observe the priests. Tell me what you see.

    For the Catholics, look at what happened when Pope John Paul died. They made the funeral last over 2 weeks just to sell candles.. (They made him the "God" in that instance).

    Religion may have started off a noble prospect but has been perverted by anybody who thinks they can make a buck out of it. It's no wonder the images you have posted happen.
    - Prabha