Monday, August 27, 2012

Vanakkam solla enna tayakkam? - வணக்கம் சொல்ல என்ன தயக்கம்?

Thank you Ms. Anitaa Madhu for inspiring this thoughts.

The whole world is learning from the rich heritage and culture of India, but Indians are more obsessed with foreign culture - Samuel J. Dass

"Vanakkam", a simple word used by South Indians (mainly Tamils) to greet another person with respect and love. The word is far more polite and welcoming when compared to simple a "Hi" or "Hello". Vanakkam also connects the divine aspects of the person greeting and greeted, with the gesture of joining both palm to signify togetherness.

However, we are slowly forgetting our tradition of greeting one another with Vanakkam. Some of us take the trouble to greet others in their own language like assalamualaikum in Arabic, hi in English, Ni Hao in Mandarin, but don't remember to greet another Indian with Vanakkam.

Why not feel proud of our culture and tradition? Why we have to change the way we greet each other just to blend into some foreign culture? We shouldn't be ashamed to use our greetings in public, even if not seen as  part of the emerging "modern Indian" (whatever it means). 

Summa greetings-leh gempak pannamal, olunga nam kalacharathai kahpom. From now on, try to consciously say Vanakkam to our fellow Indians, or even to others if you feel so. Vanakkam Vaalgha Valamudan.


  1. Athe sollengge bro, vanakam solle kude paye pulengge kasthe padethengge.

  2. Lets teach our kids to greet each other with vanakkam; ithu sambrathaayam mattum alla science endru.
    Kovil'le, restaurant'le, uravuk'kaaranga vitle, tamizh pesum makkalukku vanakkam solli move around _/\_