Monday, July 15, 2013

Annoying advertisements - வெறுப்பு ஏற்றும் விளம்பரம்

How many times have you turned on the radio and being bombarded by annoying, false and down right stupid advertisements? Well, at the moment, the businesses which are advertising through radio is trying very hard to beat each other, for being the most silliest advertisement.

Both the Tamil radios are not doing us any favor, in advising their clients on how the advertisements are supposed to be beneficial to the potential clients and the advertising companies.

Some of the advertisements aired are getting sillier and they also border the false claims offences. Many times those advertisements makes me wonder, do the makers really thought about the adverts inside out before proceeding to air them over national radios.

Let's look at some of the advert's lines, which I feel making us feel stupid, just be listening to them, let alone buying or using the advertised product or services.

I'm listing down the Tamil adverts, in Tamil:

Some 'health' tonic:
(In horny voice) Ivulo naaluku apurom ippo than sambalathai kodukiringeh!!
Avulo naal ni ennadi pannitkitu irunthey? Un purusen vereh yenggeh, yethuku selavu panuranu teriyameh serial parthukitu irunthiya??

Some 'smart' water:
*toot* kudikirathanaleh, naan ippo nalla padikiren, nalla mathippuengalum pera mudiyuthu!
Dei dei dei, summa naalu bottle tanni kudichi brilliant aaga mudiyumna, inneram inthe aboorva tanniyeh dappa-dappavah vaangi ellarum kudipangeh da!

Long-term saving program:
Oru million-aaah? Yenneh eppo ponnu parka varingo??
Un munjilkellam oru million kekutho? Athu iruntha aven yendi unpinnaleh suttha poran?

Medical program:
1 minute old son : appa *toot*ku pongeh
Father : porantha pillaiku kude teriyuthu
Mandeiku mani adikathigeh bang!

College advert (same voice):
Day 1 : A college, miga sirantha kalluri!
Day 2 : K college, unggel oreh tervu!
Day 3 : O college, unggel etirkalam terichikittu irukum!
Dei, ni urupudiya oru mudivuku vaada!!

Do you have more annoying adverts? Share it via comments below:


  1. Hahahahahaha. This is hilarious. The college ones are spot on. They need to stop these annoying adverts.

  2. Sas, Ivanunga unoh tirungthalaye.

    Makkal Nesan

    1. Yengge bro thirunthurange, kehta creative-am

  3. Lol. The murugakai juice advert is the best!

  4. and the new ad about knee pain..the mothers voice, OMG!!

    ~from the island country~