Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Malaysia Hindu Sangam or Tamil Sangam?

வணக்கம் வாழ்க வழமுடன்.

The Malaysian Hindu Sangam (should be spelled Sanggam) is known to be the de facto, wholesale, singular authority of Hindu religion in Malaysia. Established in April 1963, since then they have been referred to as the society that speaks for and protects the Hindus in the country.

Much have been said on the successes and failures of MHS in Malaysia by many, over the years. In some cases MHS were swift in taking (often reactive) action towards issues affecting Hindus, while in many cases they often take delayed calculated measures in reacting to highly sensitive issues, pertaining to Hindus. Interlok novel, Zakir Naik's public condemnation and unilateral conversion of Hindus are some of the burning issues to name.

Hindus in Malaysia have been impacted by many issues, both internally and from external entities and people. Internally, there are many caste based, culture based, language based organizations splitting the Hindus into smaller groups, which are easily swayed and controlled by its committee. Externally, inefficient 'defense' mechanisms by MHS against barrage from other-than-Hindus, often leaves us to question their very existence. OK, that's generally the feeling of any Hindus you may ask about the roles and responsibilities of MHS.

Now to the issue of how MHS communicates to Hindus, I've never seen MHS 'speaks' other than English or Tamil in all their communications.  Since Hindus can be from many other ethnicity like Telugus, Malayalees, Gujaratis, Bengalis in Malaysia, how can they understand all MHS communications published predominantly in Tamil? What are the measures taken to spread the communications from MHS to other than Tamils? Being the voice of Hinduism, we'd expect their communications are reaching everyone who professes Hindu religion.

Its time for MHS to relook at their communication approach. If MHS want more (Hindu) people to listen or support them, they need to reach out beyond the Tamil community in this country. Every Hindus, regardless of the ethnicity should feel MHS is their representative.

Note: I'm not anti Tamil, I'm a Tamil too.

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