Monday, June 4, 2012

Accidents, incidents and idiots

You are driving peacefully on a relatively free road. You take a turn left, suddenly you are standstill for the next 30 minutes. These are the possible causes (you can tick more than one):

2 cars involved in accident, 7854 cars representing 236 workshop discussing to tow/tarik

2 cars involved in accident, both park and discuss settlement at the overtaking lane for 17 hours

car accident on other lane, your lane congested for 78KM due to 'curious' idiots watching

1 car stopped to change tire, fill water, check smell or just driver peeing, 6 KM congestion

cars involved in accident, drivers not getting out of car, calling friend, family, relatives, FB friends!!

cars involved in accident, hundreds of 'instant media' photographers taking picture to upload on their FB

cars involved in accident, drivers cannot move their car to emergency lane, must discuss on the spot!

car involved in accident, continues driving with hazard lights on, but must be on overtaking lane
car involved in accident, DRIVER UPDATE FB STATUS while in car!!!

Most of the time, the kilometers long congestion are not because of too many cars involved, but too many onlookers busy-bodying. I've seen many incidents where large number of idiots just standing there with cigarette in hand, chatting with another stranger, watching small number of caring people helping the injured drivers/passengers.

If the accident happened on a highway, both sides will be congested, making it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach the accident sites.

Some idiot drivers don't want to move to side and talk, they must remain on the spot to discuss about share market fall due to their accident. The longer the drivers discuss with towing truckers, the longer the congestion gets.

We have seen ourselves, for stopping the car just 5 minutes on the fastlane, the resulting congestion was 4KM long!!

My dear drivers, please be considerate, keep driving. Don't make our blood go upstairs.

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