Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bald, bolder & better ...

Bald is better! Hey, we are not born bald ok, we just choose to keep a clean shaven, buffed and perfectly smooth surface on our head. Many may have tried to shave and realized that, not everyone look good with a bald head. For all the people with head full of hair who make fun of bald men, remember we will look the same at out old age, without worrying of our hair style ... coz there's no hair to style :)

Now, lets look at the best things about baldies :

we don't go out of style in any millennium. really. in another 10 years those spiked hair mohicans will be laughed at as 'out of style'

we can sleep while being shaved! the hairdresser / barber can't possibly mess up our 'hair'

 we don't have to go thru recent styles album and convince our barbers to do it for us
(yeah that's me)

we don't go home dissatisfied it our hairstyle after visiting the salon

we don't have to spend more than 30 seconds in front of the mirror everyday
we can ride the bike, take off the helmet and immediately go for a date, no comb needed
we contribute more towards the economy by keeping the hairdresser / barber in business

we don't worry about male pattern baldness, heck there's no pattern that scares us :)
if you're a bodybuilder, you 'shine' more
greying problem? nope.
dandruff, what's that?
bad hair day? never!
hair spray, gel, moisturizer, dye etc. what for?
the chics find us sexy ;)


  1. "Ini mesti patient Leukemia" :P


  2. but then, not everybody looks good bald like you...!