Monday, June 4, 2012

Number kais kutthikirans at yelevu veedu [HD]

Previously I've written and posted pictures of dumb, young punks going around spraying numbers all over the town, like dogs marking its territory. They believe the more ugly their number graffiti, the more 'powderful' their so-called numbered gang. You can also read another article by about this number paitiyams.

I give you a better view of them, in High Definition it is. Watch the number kai funeral which turned ugly with a fight between those assholes representing their pack. They run around screaming, like horny heynas. In SK Durai's words, dumb f*cks!!

Click to play the video. You may spit later.

Heheheheh ... heroes or zeros?



  2. Now now, the most important question of all, "where the hell are the parents of those kids???????"

    When something bad happened to them, the usual reply "Aiyo, avan rombo nalla payan. Intha maari visayatil yedu padam matan. Avangeh taan yethacum senjirikanum"

    Krrgghhhhh tuikkk !!

  3. Malai ilanghargal - Nightleh Burger vyabarum panuranghey,
    Sadaiyan ilanghargal - Khaw teow mee vyabarum panuranghey.
    Namba ilanghargal - Yenamo panuranghey.
    Tahnum padukeh mathangeh
    Tahlium padukeh mathangeh.

    Makkal Nesan