Monday, June 18, 2012

Local Tamil movies - why I don't feel like watching?

Note: The personal opinion here is on why I don't watch locally produced movies. It doesn't propagate the idea of why readers shouldn't watch them. Accept or reject the opinion at your own will. Comments are welcomed.

Jeng Jeng Jeng ... after collecting much information, going through some of the local production's synopsis and psoriasis, I'm finally ready to pour out my feelings in here. I'm sure many of us yearn for a good movie, for entertainment or information purpose. Movies are a big pass-time of our generation, millions of people survive on movie industry in India. India produces more movies than any other country in the world. In Malaysia there's no less than 5-7 locally produced movies or tele-movies released annually. For the record I don't watch almost all of them. Sometimes I do accidentally land in channel that's playing the movie, after enduring 10 minutes of their storyline, I usually shift to babyTV or food channel which I feel worth watching. 

So many may ask (angrily), why this kolaveri onto the local movies? Why you being a biledi indiyan no support local movie hah? Because people like youlah we cannot develop in many areas, such as building a international space station and shoot our movie out there!!! 

Let me just give the glimpse of what I see OK. Here we go ... (some synopsis may appear, where possible)

Majority of local production has only one and only theme : CRIME!
(ngongkakmokka vereh kathaiyeh illeyadah?)

Aanava Attam

Jayakumar (Sreedharan), a professor whose dream is to build his own college. One day, he is faced with his daughter's kidnap who is meticulously planned by Siddarth (Vassan)

K-I-D-N-A-P (The-Crime-Begins)

Undercover Rascals

Zha The Movie
This movie emphasizes on how women are being abused sexually.

Vittaghan: The Hacker


KL to Ipoh




What do you see in all the movies above? Crime! Crime! Crime! If this is what they want to show in the movie, I better just read our newspapers front pages everyday, it shows our passion for crime in living color, every F-ing day! Already our community is topping the charts for the wrong reasons, why must we keep showing the dark sides of the community 'as the form of entertainment'? 

Some may counter this: crime story sells paa! If money is the only matter, better run some other business. Why must the community fed with mediocre storyline, highlighting only the negative elements? Aren't there any good stories such as hardworking people, rags to riches stories that can be made into movie as a source of inspiration? For the record, our very own Malaysia Indian producers, have made award winning movies in India such as Vaagai Soodava. We end up with more films like Ethirkaalam and Vilaiyaatu Pasange (The Tuff Nuts).

We move to next category : Horror!
(bang, peyiku konjam make-up koreingeh, parke cartoon mari iruku, bayameh varaleh)


I Know What You Did Last Deepavali


Panja Muni

Kattu Rani


Here we see list of so-called horror movies that make you shit your pants while watching them, even their posters are scary, no? This list includes Uttrachai Kali, Agoram, Uruvam, Athunge, Uyir & Athma which won BEST DIGITAL MOVIE in Film Festival Malaysia. Honestly, I don't even watch English, Korean, Indon horror movies, because I can't relate the over exaggerated storyline to any real events.

At least, these movies makes you laugh (a little) with their slapstick 'comedy' and attempt to entertain. (enakku itheyum parka manasu varaleh bang)

4S Ops Kossa Dappa - The Final Dappa
Ops Kosa Dapaa 2
Ops Kosa Dapaa
 (hot chics and cool cars tho, no I'm not saying anything about the guys)

Gaana's comedies

Naana Neeya

Expectations for the above movies are rather predictable: comedy and some happy ending. At least watchable when aired free for Ponggal or Hari Gawai.

By now, some might have already made a conclusion that I'm a local movie hater. No sir, I'm not. I've watched the following movies, at least more than once when its aired. I do find some bold and brave producers and directors come up with good, above average and sometimes simply superb local movies. These are the movies, that won't gross much returns for the producers (except for Appalam I think). These producers and directors must be encouraged, their work must be well publicized and supported.

Chemman Chaalai

Chalanggai (Dancing Bells)


Estet (not Tamil movie)
(majority local Indian artistes)

November 24

Many local film producers and director may not agree with me, they may even say 'if you don't watch, nevermind'. Some will also brush me (and other like minded critics) off as 'not matured enough' or 'you don't understand the pain and struggle' to produce and release a local movie. I ask, 'why go through pain and struggle to release a low quality productions and waste your effort?'.

Do you remember some group of 'smart people' organized 'hunger strike' (new trend for protests now, after protesting for 2 hours they kena hokkien mee and stout at nearby cheeneh kadeh) for compelling a private satellite TV to provide them with 24 hours channel to air locally produced contents?? If (God forbids) that happens, what can they show us? 24 hours of crime & horror movies listed above? Will it help our local talents to improve or just 'gundu chattiyil kuthirai ottureh kathai'? yosingeh, yosingeh ... thank you for reading.


  1. There's a lot of room of improvement which need to be looked at. Nowadays the local songs has improved tremendously, where certain songs can't be differentiated with the South India movies songs (composed by renowned Chennai music directors). Since it took some years for such improvements, hope the local movie can come up to that level.

    *For a starting, get rid of the same old thick face which is being used almost in every tele movie !!!


    1. I agree on the songs that can now match the quality of south Indian songs. There're also some of local singers maanged to make their way into the industry there.

      Same old face? Can you remember 1 Deepavali without Nada's nadagam? hehehe

    2. Avan kaal'ke oru periya dindugal pootu podunum laa !!!


  2. Ha ha ha... I watched Appalam in cinema and swore that it will be the last local movie for me.

    1. Alamak, hang on bro. Got another one coming up, Urukai hahahah

  3. Lame posting! Support them and give suggestion in a way that will motivate them. LOL

  4. True very true. Probably the ones who are capable of making good movies never really ventured into movie making, because they already have a job that is secure and would feed them, in other words, not many are daring enough to leave their existing jobs and take the road less taken. Seriously, how many of us who have real talent are willing to throw our jobs behind and step forward into movie making here, in Malaysia, particularly in the indian entertainment scene? Hmmm not many i think. Only a handful would come forward.

    Those already in the business are killing it and those who have real talent dont dare venture into it. Period.

    P/s: These are just my 2 cents, hope i did not offend anybody. If it did, then take a moment to read through again. :) And yeah, reply. :P

  5. I came to know that there got so many movies directed and published only after read this article. Well, I don't prefer to watch many of the movies as the directors ask the characters to talk softly and slowly like reading from the script straightly.

  6. pavem la kaigee...
    btw, you missed out some of earlier ghana ramesh movies like "hello yaar peserathu" (the funniest i have ever seen), maaya prabhu, ...

  7. Seriously after reading all the posts on your blog, I fall in love with you(in a good way eh:p). Keep writing and inspire our fellow Indians. :D

  8. 1) Compare the budget with India movies and our local movies.
    2) People here not a movie fanatics like India
    3) Payment wise is very low for our local Tamil films

    >: If our local film makers get a massive support, they can produce good movies with big budget, but the situation is local artist need to beg for the support (Movies / Songs)

    Please give some ideas how to improve the support wise.

    Final Q: Is local movies not good or dont have big support??

    1. well said...
      actualy this crime filmzz try to send some msg to they can noe watzz happening in this malaysia... u guyzz said v can oso noe thizz thingzz by daily newspaperz... but howmany us are diligent in reading newspaper??... still gt ppl like 'KATAK DIBAWA TEMPURUNG'.so they try to send this news by films..whatz wrong with that??...

    2. you said: but how many us are diligent in reading newspaper??

      so you are claiming 'sending news' via movies is better than newspaper/media? and people will be 'diligently' watch those crime movies to get the message? seriously, what are you thinking when writing this?

      we critic because we care, if not I won't even bother to write.

    3. A: Both

      Makkal Nesan

    4. A: Both

      Makkal Nesan

  9. I enjoyed Villayathu Pasenge. I was disappointed with the ending and then I realised that I have been watching too many Kollywood movies. That is real life - we may not end up with the people we initially loved.

  10. “GSS” I agree with you brother. . “There is so much room to improve (“must improve” I don’t to want say this) at every angle of movie making, am not comparing our Movie with South India we don’t have to. We should make our own “Malaysian people Movie/Malaysian style” How to develop our local Movie?
    This is my Opinion “ We all have to sit and talk and strategy among our Movie Making People how to capture our Indian Makkal’s mind mainly our youngsters, because the only place our people like to go, is movie, we are united in this area,(at least). Movie Maker also playing a very important role towards development of our community. Such as… Just Imagine if our Movie Making Industry grows, we will have lots of Jobs opportunity in the industry, almost we can show right path to our youngsters because I can see there are lots of talented people wanted to give up their hope as artiste (singer, actor, musician director etc) just because someone else ignorance. There is phrase goes in Tamil “THAAI PULLEE(Namba Munnorgal) PATHU ADEE PAINTHAL, KUTTY PULLEE(Nam ILainyargal) PATHEENARU ADDEE PAIYUM” anaal namba kutty pullee paiyeh teriyilaya, paiyeh mudiyilaiya, paiyeh bayapadutha, yillai yaarum sollikudukilaiya???, We need a Good Leader /Advisor to bring out the Kutty Pulli from Fear,Anger,Disapoinment,Negativity and put them into the right track.

    Makkal Nesan,

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