Friday, February 22, 2013

Have some tea, Mr. Tee.

I was reading his rantings on a local daily after being alerted by my good friend Mr. Kannan. While reading his 'masterpiece' about some patience excreta, I'd like to express my feeling about his complains. My views posted here are purely personal, intentional and with care not to generalize my views on his religious beliefs. Now, let's see what he said and what I have to say about it ..

Bayangkan jika orang India Muslim tidak tampil ke hadapan, sudah tentu ultra kiasu ini bersorak gembira. Jika ikhlas, sepatutnya merekalah yang tampil ke hadapan memaklumkan perkara ini kepada KDN.
Difahamkan sebanyak 16 penyuntingan akan dibuat sebelum tayangan semula dilakukan. Siapakah yang menyunting filem ini sebelum ditayangkan? Orang Islam atau orang bukan Islam? Apakah patut mereka dilepaskan begitu sahaja? 
Dear Mr. Tee,  the film was viewed and censored by the government officials, who are mostly Muslims. You are naive to ask if non-Muslims alone are the sitting on the censor board. Have you spoken to FINAS team yet?
Pengikut Taliban dikaitkan dengan penyembelihan manusia dan keenam, agama Islam digambarkan sebagai agama yang tidak berperikemanusiaan.
Dear Mr. Tee, enlighten me please. Which group have filmed and showed the world that, terrorists can slaughter a living human being without mercy and proudly played it on the net? I clearly remember watching the 1st ever video of an innocent Asian worker being killed in such a gory manner. What verse were they screaming while placing the sword on the victim's neck? I'm pretty sure it wasn't some English pop song.
Begitu juga dengan anak muda Melayu yang masih meringkuk di dalam penjara akibat cubaan membakar gereja. Malangnya, apabila anak muda bukan Islam mencampak kepala babi ke dalam surau, maka tidak dikenakan tindakan.
Again Mr. Tee, you are fantasizing. Until today, no young non-Muslims were ever seen or caught throwing pig's head into a holy place of worship. If they were caught, as a non-Muslim, I'll recommend the harshest punishment possible. However, in 2010 there was a case of 3 youth who tried to burn a Surau in Melaka and make a false report about it. Do you know if they are from which faith? I guess, you conveniently ignored the fact. Read this here sir, and tell me if you've ever called for any action against these culprits.

Pernahkah kita bersungut ketika perayaan Thaipusam? Seminggu sebelum perayaan, seluruh kawasan sekitar Batu Caves sesak. Kenderaan diparkir sesuka hati. Lautan manusia satu warna berhimpun, seolah-olah tidak ada warna lain lagi di negara ini.
Even before you're born Mr. Tee, Thaipusam have been celebrated in grandeur scale in Batu Caves. So if you have an issue, you shouldn't buy a home there, drive through the roads or even be in KL/Selangor during that period. Go help your folks in Syria. No, I'm not going to complain on any religious festivals in Malaysia, as its everybody's country who are entitled for their own celebration.
Saya cadangkan agar PRU 13, jika kita mahukan sangat orang India bertanding di kawasan majoriti Melayu, carilah kalangan India Muslim seperti KIMMA dan MIM, tetapi bukan mereka yang tidak Islam.
Make up your mind Mr. Tee, are you a religious scholar or a racist. Because as far as I know, unlike you the non-Muslims have not demanded only for a non-Muslim representative. And, please don't fan the fire too hard, as it can spread anywhere, anyway. 

I'd like to offer you some tea (with halal symbol), whenever you're not occupied spewing your brand of hatred. Peace & cheers ...