Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where are our kids / siblings now?

Ithu oru pothunala arivipu!

Off late we have seen many reports and news about school going children have been found involved in many illegal/criminal activities. Gangsterism, extortion, drugs, booze, sex, smoking habits have been steadily increasing among our youth, particularly in our community.

(Girls are not afraid of ponteng anymore)

All these is happening everyday, mostly when the parents are away at work. The delinquent children often leave home, in the pretext of going to school, then the divert to some area where they are away from home, change their clothes and start their 'extra curricular' activities. The rest is, up to your imagination.

(Patthaleh patthaleh soodu patthaleh?)

As our community blinks, the youths seems to drift away in their own world, which often leads to have bad company, probably leading them to bigger criminal activities in the future.

So friends, watch your kids/siblings and their company/activities.

Vittil oru kutravali uruvagum mun kaapom!