Monday, October 21, 2013

Turning towards Tamil Schools

Almost 2 months since I last wrote here. Though there are tonnes of issues happening around, which are related/affecting our community, I couldn't find the right time and space to write my views on them. I begun writing this piece, after talking to my father on some of the recent 'developments' in schools around our country. Yes, some of these issues have already turned into ஊசிப்போன tofu, but its relevant for today's topic.

We have seen, read, heard, screamed, cried and had heated discussion with கொலைவெறி among us for the following matters:

All the above, predominantly happened at national schools, which is suppose to be the 'gelling agent' for different ethnicities in our country. But, we can remember the annual 'anthem' to close down vernacular schools and make all students attend national schools for the sake of 'integration and tolerance' among races.

However, these sort of incidents are not isolated any more. Almost every month, there are some incidence of racism issues cropping up around us, particularly at schools where young, helpless kids are targeted. And every time, we keep blaming the national schools and (some of) its racist staffs for creating such disharmony and sometimes goes on insulting our community.

I'd like to refer to the case of changing room aka jamban canteen incident, the pupil was tormented after the issue was highlighted by her mother. Not wanting her young kid to face those racial taunts, she was forced to transfer the kid to a Tamil school. Finally she realises the advantage of Tamil schools. If only we concentrate and make the effort to send our kids to Tamil schools and improve the enrolments, I feel Tamil schools promises great start for our young kids.

We all know that, some parents will find 1001 reasons on why they're not sending their kids to Tamil schools, but they're ever willing to force their child to endure Chinese school education, in the pretext of superior 'quality'. We are moving away from rankings & failing kids at young age, so why the rush to make those பிஞ்சி kids to face stiff competition at Chinese schools? They can always learn Mandarin as another language. Why not have the same faith in our schools, which are continuously producing good students, albeit with limited infrastructure & facilities?

If we can take additional effort to ensure the enrolments in our schools are in the upward trend every year, we can demand for better facilities and support. Instead of begging the government, our community's corporate companies which are spending millions for promotions can allocate funds or even adopt any needy schools. 

Every time someone says, close the vernacular schools because its not integrating the diverse communities, we must remind them that, vernacular schools will never stop any student from another religion from joining that school, unlike the other school which is exclusive for one religion. So which one is 'disintegrating' the community? The existence of any school, be it national, vernacular or religious is protected in the constitution and should not be questioned by anyone. Tamil schools are for our community, if we don't preserve it ourselves, don't blame others when its shut down slowly.

I will send my kids to Tamil schools.