Monday, July 13, 2015

2015 Madurai Meenakshi Chithirai Thiruvizha

2nd year running. This year, we brought from Malaysia the plastic gloves & aprons for the food handlers. We want to make this an annual contribution to the committee to ensure cleanliness. May Goddess Meenakshi bless us all.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Abandoned Temples - அரை வேக்காட்டு ஆலயம்

Salam gulamu! Been a while, been busy, been traveling & been seeing things around us.

I've written about temples (or rather shrines) which are sprouting around without proper approvals and religious sense.

In around KL, we can see few temples, which are properly approved, but stuck halfway during their construction due to lack of funds. Some of these are 'under construction' for years, even more than a decade! All because they wanted the biggest, the longest, the widest, the cekap-est design in the country. I wonder why they don't think with simple economical approach.

Scott Road KL, multiple temples developed at snails pace

Scott Road KL, semme intricate design, for people stuck in traffic jam kot?

Setapak, Air Panas (update: completed recently)

Another one at Setapak Air Panas, 200 meters away from the top temple!

Sentul, been left to rot for years!!

Instead of putting a plan for grand gempak gili gili, which feature 1008 columns, 10,008 intricate sculptures, which takes hundreds of thousands to make then maintain, why they don't build a wedding hall beneath to earn money, while constructing their temple above it? The good examples like:

Some temple committee members are so engrossed with the beauty of the unfinished temple, instead of actually thinking of abandoned temples, which becomes eyesore to everyone.

Have you seen any unfinished mosque, Chinese tokong or church left rotting for years? Temples are supposed to be most sacred places for us, but leaving them to rot due to our own poor planning is a disgrace. Ennapa? Ippadi panringelehpa!