Friday, April 5, 2013

Dashboard-il Dheivam, Car-kul Kumbaabhishegam

Note: If you are keeping any image(s) / statue(s) of Hindu deity in your car and will somehow say : "that's my car, and its my wish", I suggest you don't read any further. But if you care about the Hinduism and its sacred practices, enjoy the article and spread the word. This is a personal opinion, accept or reject at your own will. Thanks.

Many of our Hindu friends and family members are fond of keeping various images / statues of deities in their personal vehicles. Yeah, nothing really wrong about it, as many will say it gives them sense of security, confidence and feel closer to God. However, do we take care of the idols placed in vehicles as what we do in our prayer rooms or temples? Do we keep the place clean and free of any items/acts that can be deemed unholy? Think ...

What are the things we don't do / prohibited in prayer room / temples?

  • we don't wear shoes inside
  • we don't dress scantily
  • we don't go inside if we are dirty, or have not washed our feet / hands
  • ladies don't access if they are menstruating
  • we don't consume any food items, particularly non-vegetarian food
  • we don't drink any drinks, particularly alcoholic beverages
  • we don't keep any items like shoes, dirty clothes etc. inside
  • we don't speak loudly, chat away or make jokes
  • we don't play / listen to songs other than religious ones
  • we don't use vulgar / swear words
  • we don't smoke or allow anyone else to smoke
  • we don't use mobile phones

When we have Hindu deity images / statues in our vehicle, can we ensure all of the above is not done in our vehicles? Its impossible for us to assure that none of the above is violated by the owner / driver or the passengers.  Can we keep our vehicle as clean, holy or sacred as our prayer room or temple?

In addition to these, we also usually perform proper pooja and offerings for deity images / idols at home or temple. This cannot be properly done in vehicles. Some people go further by 'erecting' mini temples / shrines in their car, most are done with elaborate decorations and lighting, which can rival your local temple. We frown upon people who simply build shrines everywhere, not taking care of the sacred practices, but we close an eye when its done in private vehicles. Why?

As I've stated in the beginning of this article, some of the reader may say ... "its not your car!", but I want to say "its our religion, and I care about it". Whatever the responses are, I don't condone the act of keeping any religious images / idols at a place where its not suitable, without proper care. What say you?

In case someone asks : No, I don't have any such items in my car.

Monday, April 1, 2013

United against insults - stand up for our religion!! (UPDATED)


Surat Al-'An`ām (The Cattle) - سورة الأنعام

And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do. (
Very rarely I write against individuals, as I focus to write only on matters affecting my community in general. I've written about the controversial Riduan Tee before, because its not right for him comment on something that he's not expert in. After viewing the clip again, I'm prepared to rebut this genius called Zulkifli Noordin.

I took the trouble to find the text of his speech (made 10 years ago?) and analysed his 'expert opinion' on a religion that he's not expert in. Here is his speech, and my responses:
Kalau tuan2 tanya orang hindu.. eh ane.. betul2 cerita you sembah sapa.. [2x] ini tuhan kepala gajah ka.. ini murugan tongkat sampai 14 tingkat punya .. betul2 cerita you sembah sapa..  dia akan kata apa..?
To what a Hindu prays to, is absolutely non of your freaking business.
Baru ni berlaku banjir besar di kolumpo.. baru ni..  di pertengahan jalan antara wisma yakin dengan maideen ada kawasan jual bunga malai hindu punya bunga yang hari jumaat dia nak beli nak pakai sembahyang tu. Di situ ada kedai2 yang menjual peralatan peribadatan hindu. Antaranya kedai jual tuhan hindu. Tuhan gajah tuhan murugan pegang tongkat macam batu caves tu. Tuhan kepala kudanya. Lembu saktinya. 8 tangannya. Ada yang dibuat dari kayu. Ada yang dibuat dari batu. Dari marmar. Dibuat dari marble. Dibuat dari tembaga pun ada. 
I can prove that, there are more, bigger shops selling all sort of Muslim prayer items, books and other holy texts in Masjid India. You're talking like ONLY Hindu shops are there.
Yang canggih yang tinggi sikit tu.. yang ada lampu tu. Mata. Benda tu ada lampu. Hah macam lampu kamera ni. Merah lip lip lip lip. Yang tu sampai rm900 ringgit pun ada. Mahal.

Nak jadi cerita banjir baru ni. Teruk. Air naik sampai 4 kaki. 4 kaki bukan kat bawah basement wisma yakin. 4 kaki dekat Selangor Mansion tu. Selangor Mansion tu lif dia tenggelam. Cuba bayangkan. Selangor Mansion tu lif tenggelam. Orang yang meniaga kat depan bazaar tu. Masjid India yang air selalu cecah kat tangga nu tempat wudhu dia pun tenggelam. Wisma Yakin tempat orang yang jual baju melayu yang tinggi tu air naik satu kaki. Lif Wisma Yakin pun tenggelam. So bayang punya tinggi air.
Tambahla kedai hindu ni lagila tenggelam pasal dia dekat bawah. Jadi dah lama lepas banjir tu pun saya tanya. Kan dorang tengah jual longgok2 semua. Kita pun tanya.

"Ane.. apa macam itu ari banjir ? You punya kedai ane.. ?
" Habis semua .. "
" Habis semua? "
" Habisssss "
" Semua habis hancur patah habis semua habis.. "
Saya kata semua ka?
" Semua "
Sama tuhan pun kena ka?
Tuhan pun kena dia kata.
How can flood be selective in damaging? You're either really dumb or retard.
Tuhan pun kena. Hah tuhan pun kena.. apa macam tuhan boleh kena. Eh ane itu tuhan patut dia tuhan tau. Apa pasal ane takde atur ane punya tuhan depan kedai kata ohh woooww air stop. Pergi itu amna kedai mamak sana kasi banjir. Ini tuhan punya kedai. Apa pasal takde bikin itu macam. Suruh itu tuhan. Tuhan patut mau tolong kita. Kalau tuhan air pun tak boleh tahan. Apa lagi dia boleh buat.. air pun tak boleh tahan ka.. suruh dia tahan la itu air. Dia kata apa kat saya?
Using the same logic, people can ask you: How come you didn't ask your God to "ohh woooww stop the killings of Muslims by Muslims in mid-east? in Pakistan? in Afghanistan"?
Hey dei tambi.. mana boleh. Itu batu la.

Dia pun tahu. Dia marah kita pula. Hey dei tambi. Itu batu la. MARAH. Sampai terpaksa jual longgok tuan2. Tuhan dia tu yang patah2, yang pecah2 kena jual longgok. Yang mahal rm900 ada lampu tu jadi rm60. Jadi RM90. Tanya la dia..
I'm a Hindu, and I can vouch that no one will ever sell broken/damaged images/idols. So stop spinning you kampung story.
Hey ane apa pasal ini. Banyak mahal ada lampu punya. Jadi RM90 saja?

Dia bateri sudah habis. Dia punya wayar sudah shot. Tuhan punya wayar pun shot. Berebut hindu beli tuhan. Yang gajah tu. Yang ada belalai. Dia patah kan. Berebut beli. Murah. Kita punya tanya.

" Aci apa pasal beli ini tuhan? Ini tuhan gajah dia punya belalai sudah patah. "
'' Takpa. Balik kita taruk plaster. "

Tuhan dia boh plaster. Last2 dia pun. Dia pun tahudia pun tahu bodoh ye tak. Last2 kita tanya dia. Ane aci betul2 cerita. You sembah apa tuhan? You betul2 cerita you sembah apa tuhan? Ini tuhan sudah patah pecah banjir air pun tak boleh tahan. 
Hindu don't keep any broken/damaged idols at home. Where did you concoct this story? While having wet dreams in your sleep?
" Kita sebenarnya ada besar punya tuhan. Kita ada besar punya tuhan. " " Apa pasal takda sembah itu besar punya tuhan? Apa pasal pakai ini kicik2 gajah kuda ular semua? "

Ohh dia kata kita takda suci. Hindu kepercayaan central mereka dia, kita manusia tak suci. Sebab tu semua kepercayaan hindu mesti kepada kesucian. Dia nak mandi, dia mandi sungai ganga. Sungai ganga kat india tu. Tuan2 pernah pergi sungai ganga? Saya pernah pergi sungai ganga. Nak kata suci macam mana. Bangkai ayam dok berjalan. Dengan kayu balak kecik2 tu pun timbul. Dia macam mana kata suci. Dia kata suci lantak ko la. 
What's sacred for you can be not for others. Accept the fact. The Hindus believe Ganges is sacred, but they didn't say its sacred for other religions too. So keep your twisted argument about sacred to your clan. Don't tell me there's no rubbish at all in your holy sites.
Sebab itu Hindu bila dia Thaipussam... vel vel vel tu kan. Awal2 dah minta neraka wel. Dia minta neraka wel. Wel wel wel wel wel wel.. Bila dia buat tu kenapa dia pecahkan kelapa? Kenapa hindu tak pecahkan buah betik ke? Buah tembikai ke. Ni musim durian kan. Awat tak pecahkan buah durian pap pap.. rasa melayu pun rebut pergi. 
I'd like to explain about the coconut breaking ritual, but then again, it won't get into your thick skull. Let me just say, you also sacrifice millions of animals every year for religious purposes, which is also similar to our coconut offerings. Nothing less nothing more. No one questions about your rituals, so just shut the F up and mind your language.


Now that you can read the text, you may question our reactions. How come there's no large scale, united condemnation like we did against Sri Lankan president visit? We responded, in pockets of demonstrations and statements by MHS, political parties and NGOs. If the non-Hindus can unite against a movie and cause it to be delayed for weeks and censored according to their wishes, why we didn't raise our voice against this insults, together?

Anyway, it seems he has 'apologized' and blaming his previous party's teaching for his rambling about Hinduism. Are we letting him off the hook just because he apologized? If a non-Muslim insults the religion, can he/she be let without punishment just by apologizing?

Let there be strong message to anyone who find it amusing to insult or ridicule any religion for that matter.