Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beaten in detention? Beat the detention!

There have been many blog articles, news reports, police reports, coffee talks, kovil kathai, whatapps chats on death of (Malaysian) Indians while in police detention. There are also, mega numbers of theories, accusations, condemnations and finger pointing by various quarters on this matter. I’m not going to post pictures of dead Indians in this article, you can find them on other sites a lot.

We can’t deny the fact that, statistics shows at least one death in detention is recorded every month in Malaysia.  This statistic is alarming, more so when it involves so many of our Indian community. In this piece, I’m not going to write about who is right or wrong, who is better off dead or alive, who is the victim or perpetrators. I’m going to say something that is beyond all the distortion about one particular community is targeted and ending up dead in detention.

The question is again answered by statistics: how many criminals or suspects are arrested every month by the police, from that total how many of them are Indians? From that list of Indians how many are dead in detention, and how many are actually INNOCENTS (as claimed by their family)? Very unlikely (however, not impossible), we find an innocent Indian is picked-up by police for questioning and he/she returns home in a coffin. There must be some preconditions that allowed these ‘suspects’ to be detained, right? So why are there so many Indians having suspicious track records? The enticement of crime, ‘gang fame’ and easy money?

Just look around us, part of our community is engrossed with gang related activities. They can be from school kids to matured adults; everyone wants to be part of these gangs. Proudly drawing graffiti of their gang symbols and numbers all over town, like animals marking its territories. Kids proudly positing their gang/crime related affiliations on social network, picked up and exposed by pages like Comedy Machas & Machis almost everyday. Finishing schools with lower grades and lesser advancement opportunities, they are elevated to higher, more brutal gang activities, flocking together like horny hyenas, wrecking havoc in neighborhood. Well, we can’t see them getting together, doing community service or charitable causes, however they are quick to ‘turun’ and show off the ‘might’ of teaming up against rival gangs.

Let’s see, aren’t these contributes to the large number of Indians ending up in lock-up every month? And 1 or 2 of the face the unlucky ending, coming out in a body bag. Yes, yes, yes, we can keep giving the archaic (some what valid) reasons for all these Indians turning into criminals because: 
  • Lack of proper parenting;
  • Lack of guidance at schools;
  • Lack of equal education opportunities post-school;
  • Lack of equal, proper employment chances;
  • Lack of quality life; and
  • Bla bla bla …

But, it have been many years that our community been shown or told : WE ARE ALL BY OURSELVES! We have to work harder to improve the socio-economic status of the community. We have to be more independent. We have to be more connected with each other. We have support our own community, without the help of politicians. We have to use whatever education (tertiary or vocational) opportunities to improve our earnings. We have to spend more time doing good deeds instead of getting involved in bad sides.

But, honestly do you see our community’s socio-economic, education and perception going uphill? Nope, the very Indians who are arrested for various brutal crimes are being used to benchmark the rest of us. A  large part of our community is working the butts off to reach higher grounds, while another part is working hard to pull them down! Everyday our media is highlighting the unimaginable crimes executed by these people against our own community! They are not helping themselves by getting into these criminal gangs and getting drifted away in crimes, and they are further degrading our community’s aspirations to become a better society.

My point is, if we are an Indian and don’t want to be dead in detention, don’t get detained in the first place. If we die in the hands of authorities (while in detention or not), we’re partly responsible for being sought by the authorities. We are the result of our own actions.

The number of Indians dying in detention will only go down, if the number of Indians getting arrested for their crimes reduces. Thick hope, at the current rate.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Briyani Kadei Kathai - Terthal iSpesel!!

Oru oorleh, oreh oru briyani kadai irunthucham. anthe briyani kadeh owner-u anthe oorleh athigama irukureh aalungeh odeh leader-am. Arambathuleh, briyani vilei rombe kuraiva, service top-takkara, sutthama, suvaiya irunthucham. Vereh entha oru kadaikum poga tevei illehnu, oor makkal ellam amogama valavetchikitu irunthangalaam.

Konja naal anathum, briyani vilei konjam konjama erunucham, service flop-takkara anucham, avulo sutthama ileyaam idam. Athodeh, vereh kadei etachum vantha, athai tomsam akiruvaraam owner-u. Oor makkalum, vereh vali illamaal, rombeeeeeeh naaaaaaala ithuthan sirappana briyaninu vaangi saputangalaam. Innum konja naal anathum, owner-u, gummunu peruthu poyi, oorleh ulleh koli aadu ellam vaangeh plan pannaraam. Aana, anthe koli aadu pannei ownerku, rombe sorpa vilei than offer pannaraam, vereh yarum vaangeh vantha etachum ulta-gulta velei senji deal-eh no deal-ah akuvaram. Avuru kudeh neraya gundar gumbals and the gang leaders sernthukittangalaam.

Appo-appo, tevei pattaal, neram irunthaal, oorleh ulle i-skool, kovil kolam inthe mathiri bangsen-ku briyani konjam kuduparaam. Oor makkalum, ithuthaan valkainu ohtti kittu irunthanglaam ... appo than!

Anthe briyani kadeh owner kudeh romba naala velei senja oruthar, kaduppa ayitaraam. Kaduppa anathai kandu pudiche owner-u, avarukku tiruttu pattam katti, oor marathule katti vetchi, saattai eduthu pitchi eduthutaangalaam. Oor vittu talli vetchi, kudumbathey keveleh paduthitaraam owner-u. Anthe pava patta velei karar, avurode kudumbam kutti, konjam sontha karangeh, athodeh avurukku atharava iruntha sila per-odeh sernthu oor vittu blah pannitaraam.

Konja varusham kalichi, marupadiyum oorleh innoru briyani kadei arambitchanglaam inthe othukka patta gumbal. Arambitca odeneh, avulo viyabaram odeleyaam, yena palaya briyaniku palaghi pona oor makkal, ethuku puthusai inthe briyaniyai sapudunomnu irunthutangalaam. Innum konja naal ponah, visayam damalnu vedichicham ... palaya briyani kadeh owner, nereyah oor sotthai avuru kudumbam, kutti, koothiyaal, kootaliku valechi potutaraam. Ithu mattum illamaal, briyani vilei yeri ponucham, nalla sarakku illamal, kalla sarakku athigam potu briyani senja visayam methuva veliyeh vanthuchaam.

Puthusa vantha briyani kadeh, nalla sarakku, service super athodeh koranja veleiyil briyani potangalaam. Athodeh, innum nereya briyani flavor tarom, vilai ettha maatom, taramana sarakkutaan pavipomnu uruthi alitchangalaam puthu kadei owner-u. Athey parthu konjam oor makkal, methuva puthu kadeiku mareh arambitchanglaam. Ithai paartha mattha oor peruchali-periyavarum, anthe oorleh puthu kadeiyeh poda solli, biznes-u pitchikittu odunuchaam.

Palaya kadeiyil, business konjam konjama oothikkitchaam, owner kaduppa ayitaraam. Oru kattathuleh, palaya briyani kadeh motthama muttai kattureh nelemai vareh poguthunu terinji, oorleh ulle elathukum free briyani, free tanni, free kovil tiruvilavikku aadu, koli, neruppu koli-nu sponsor, free cycle, free ullsuluar-nu kuduthu, oor makkalai marupadiyum ilutharaam. Sila oor makkal, free-a kedaicha pinayil kudipomnu solli, manthai-manthaiya odi poyi palaya kadeyil kudiya irunthangalaam. Athu mattum illamal, inimel avungeh pulle kutti yellam inthe palaya briyaniku adimainu eluthi kuduthangalaam.

Aana, innum paleh peru, puthu briyani kadeiku atharava irunthangalaam. Palaya kadei owner senja settei, attuliyam, vanmurai, sulchi ellam oor makkaluku eduthu sonanggalaam. Nereya makkal puthu briyani kadeiku varehthey partha palaya kadei owner-u, avunge sothuleh mannu irukunu poraliyei kelapi uttharaam, aana unmaiyil palaya kadei briyani verum kallu taan irukunu oor makkaluku teriya vanthucham. 50 varushama tinne briyani odeh arumai teriyileyanu owner kehka, makkal sonnangalaam, innum 50 varushathuku yen oreh kadei briyani sapudunom? puthu kadeiku atharavu kuduthu parpom, briyani seri illehna marupadiyum palaya kadeikeh varuvom sonnangalaam.

Avasarama, palaya owner-u inimel kallu illamal briyani poduren, pipe-leh payasam vareh veikiren, sottai mandeiyil sedi valakiren, mottai mandeiyil mudi valakiren-nu dabal-dibil-nu smoke-less sudam mele satthiyam panni, oru NILA kaler perperleh eluthiyum kudutharaam. Ippo oor makkaluku oru kolapam ... palaya kadei briyani-leh oori ponehvangaluku, inthe vaakuruthi vetchi anthe owner-ai nambalama? illei puthusa, olungga senjikkitu irukireh kadeiku maralamanu.

Iniki palaya kadei owner-ku atharava iruntha, nalaiki anthe NILA kaler peperleh ulle ethuvum seilena? Ille, athigama atharavu koduthu, puthu kadeiyeh alikka sattam-thittam etachum vanthuchina? Yosichikitte irunthangalaam oor makkal ...